“Jen really helped our son think about his options for college, and served as a calm, understanding third-party for all of us as we weighed options for important decisions.  We strongly recommend having assistance in navigating through the process, and Jen was really helpful.”

Jen reall helped

Again, thanks so much for the recap and for spending some quality time with my son.  Your comments seem to be right on target with what we are seeing and talking about at home.  We are all on the same page for the coming months.

Again thanks

My daughter and I were just talking about the fact that she has heard back from 4 colleges and all 4 accepted her, and it never would have happened without your help.  She needed your help to get organized, get everything done, and make sure the essays and short answers were well-written.  Thanks so much for everything you have done.

My daughter

Whew! We are all glad to have this stuff winding down and grateful that my daughter has good options. Thank you for your help and support!


Working with Jen Rucier was absolutely a privilege. I was kinda lost for any idea what I wanted in a college let alone where I wanted to attend. Jen helped me narrow my focus and presented a list of colleges which fit my criteria. She helped me edit my many college essays and pushed me through the various difficulties that arise with the college application process. Jen helped me find Warren Wilson College, and I am absolutely loving it!

Working with Jen

I don’t know what Jon would have done without your help. He’s extremely organized and goal-oriented, but we didn’t have any idea how to narrow down the list of potential schools.

I don't know


As an Independent Educational Consultant, College Search Solution provides general college consulting services and “finding the right fit” is the primary objective for your student.


College Search Solution can help you at whichever level is appropriate for your college planning needs. Services range from all inclusive to hourly package options when assistance with developing a college list is not needed.

About IECs

Most people fall into two categories in terms of their understanding of Independent Educational Consulting: either they are unaware of the field or they believe that educational consultants are out to cash in on panicked families’ pocketbooks.