As an Independent Educational Consultant, College Search Solution provides general college consulting services with “finding the right fit” as the shared goal with your student.

Since 2009 Jen has sat alongside students whose journeys to college are as unique as the students themselves. Jen celebrates each student for who they are and guides them through a path of discovery as they identify a set of best fit colleges or universities that they will apply to. Jen’s approach is calm and patient, traits that students and families appreciate in an otherwise hectic and unnecessarily high pressure process.


While the majority of our student clients are bound for a four-year college, College Search Solution strongly believes that there are many “right” paths after high school. Ultimately, your student is going to be a productive and contributing member of society. What they do and how they get there is a personal choice, one that begins after a careful, critical, and thorough review of the options. Jen meets students where they are and does not require or promote box-checking to “look good” for college admissions. It is important for students to celebrate what they have to offer a college as much as it is important to recognize that there are a wide variety of college options for every student.

Working Relationship

The student is the client in our relationship and drives the process. Imagine your student in the driver’s seat of a car, Jen in the passenger seat, and you, the grown-up supporting the student, in the backseat. The student chooses when to take a left or right turn, speed up or slow down, and stop to take a closer look at the scenery. Much like driver’s ed training, Jen has an extra brake and uses it when the driver doesn’t realize that they need to slow things down a bit. She also gets to instruct the driver to retrace a route if a turn was missed or if there is a particularly appealing stop that was overlooked. And the grown-ups are the proverbial backseat drivers, often making requests that aren’t acknowledged by the driver despite the good intentions. Sometimes, the driver will ask the backseat drivers to repeat themselves or the front seat passenger will encourage the driver to give the pleading backseat drivers another listen. This journey can be a trip and College Search Solution works to encourage everyone to enjoy the ride so that the final stop is the desired and ideal destination.

Student Profiles Served

As a general college consultant, Jen works with students who are across the board academically, who fill their non-academic time with any number of activities and interests, students with learning or physical differences, and students with myriad major and career goals. Students working with Jen have taken standard, honors, AP, IB, Cambridge, on-line, and Running Start classes. They have spanned a 2.4 to 4.0 unweighted GPA and had equally broad standardized test scores. Jen celebrates diversity and welcomes students of all identities and backgrounds.

College Search Solution will help you find the right fit.