As an Independent Educational Consultant, College Search Solution provides general college consulting services and “finding the right fit” is the primary objective for your student.

When we work together, the process of finding a set of best-fit colleges or universities to which your student can apply will be a caring, patient and comprehensive experience.

Jen Rucier helps ease your anxieties regarding the college search and application process and helps you navigate these processes wisely, thoroughly and enjoyably!

Your student will know and understand his or her best options and take an active role in the college search process. By working collaboratively, we will develop a  post-high school plan that matches your student’s academic profile, goals, interests, and character.

Some but not all of the factors you and your student will consider during the college search process may include whether he or she:
  • is an independent learner or wants regular access to advisors
  • wants to create his or her own major or doesn’t know yet what to major in
  • wants to continue playing his or her sport or instrument
  • wants a large or small campus, urban or rural, highly social or highly academic campus
  • is a hands-on learner or does well in a lecture style setting

Using these factors among many others,

College Search Solution will help you find the right fit.